“Sweet Deal” published in Kzine

Hiya! The summer is in full swing, the unexpectedly high temperatures and other manifestations of extreme weather in various locations making it somewhat difficult for the global warming sceptics to continue making their case, and I am finally back again with another update for you. A short story of mine entitled “Sweet Deal” was published in the newest issue of Kzine, an English magazine of original Horror, Science Fiction, Fantasy and Crime genres. If you are, like me, a self-professed chocolate conoisseur, then this piece might be just for you since apart from the usual SF tropes, it features a a variety of sweet consumables that are so close to my heart (and stomach).

Anyway, Kzine issue 30 is available on Amazon both as a Kindle-friendly version and paperback. Here is the link.

Enjoy the summer! I’ll be back (hopefully soon) with another update.


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