End-of-Year Update

Hi there! I hope you are all doing well, enjoying the Christmas holidays (unless you are, like me, stuck at work during this wonderful time) and all the good stuff that comes with it. The year of 2021 is coming to an end and while I am tempted to reflect on it and grumble about the fact that it bore strong similarities to 2020, as far as the overall state of the world is concerned, I am not going to do it. Instead, I am going to elaborate on my most recent publications and attempt to sum up the last 12 months of my writing in general.

Since my last update in August, I added three more publications to my record. In its September edition, Theme of Absence published my flash fiction piece entitled “Payback” – a compact blend of sci-fi and horror, the ending of which might just surprise you. XB-1 printed my novelette “Setkání po letech” [“The Reunion” in English], the Czech translation of my earlier work that had made it to the final of Daidalos 2020 literary contest. Finally, I am proud to bring forth “Forty-Fourth Time’s the Charm“, a sci-fi short story with distinctly romantic overtones which was published in the latest issue of New Myths. Considering the acceptance rate of this venue, making it to their pages makes me especially happy!

So how was my creative vigor in 2021? Overall, it has been a successful year: I wrote a total of 10 new stories (2 novelettes, 4 short stories, and 4 flash fiction pieces) and translated 3 of my older works into my native language. I published 9 texts (7 in English and 2 in Czech). For the third year in a row, I made it into the very final of the Daidalos literary contest organized by XB-1 which means that the Czech SFFH flagship magazine will feature at least one of my stories next year.

Okay, enough bragging. At the risk of sounding like a run-of-the-mill fortune cookie, I want to wish you all the best for the next year – make it the best year yet!

Stay safe and I’ll be back soon-ish!


August update!

Hi there! I am excited to let you know that this month alone, I scored not one, not two but three publications in a variety of different venues.

My short story “The Ant” was published in the August issue of a popular English webzine for science fiction, fantasy and horror by the title of Schlock! This particular piece represents my first attempt at the horror genre, and at the same time, serves to channel the extreme dislike I have for the titular insect species. You can read the story here, or grab a print/electronic copy of the entire issue on Amazon.

“Retribution”, a flash fiction of mere 300 words, was selected for Branching Out: International Tales of Brilliant Flash Fiction anthology published by Brilliant Flash Fiction. The anthology features a total of 67 nibble-sized stories written by authors from all corners of the world, and yours truly is the only representative from both Malta and the Czech Republic. Given the length of “Retribution”, I can’t tell you much about it without spoiling it, but let’s just say that it features some all-too-familiar themes set in a very probable future. The anthology is unfortunately available only in print, but you can order a copy directly on the publisher’s website.

Finally, one of the works – a short story entitled “Déšť” [“The Rain” in English] – that had made it to the final of Daidalos 2020 literary contest was published in the August issue of XB-1. This marks my third publication in the Czech magazine. You can find the English version of the story here, but if you want to give it a go in my native language, you can get a digital version of the issue on Alza.

And that’s about it from me for now. I hope that, wherever you are, you are well.

Till next time!


“Sweet Deal” published in Kzine

Hiya! The summer is in full swing, the unexpectedly high temperatures and other manifestations of extreme weather in various locations making it somewhat difficult for the global warming sceptics to continue making their case, and I am finally back again with another update for you. A short story of mine entitled “Sweet Deal” was published in the newest issue of Kzine, an English magazine of original Horror, Science Fiction, Fantasy and Crime genres. If you are, like me, a self-professed chocolate conoisseur, then this piece might be just for you since apart from the usual SF tropes, it features a a variety of sweet consumables that are so close to my heart (and stomach).

Anyway, Kzine issue 30 is available on Amazon both as a Kindle-friendly version and paperback. Here is the link.

Enjoy the summer! I’ll be back (hopefully soon) with another update.


“Swimming with Mosasaurs” published in The Chorochronos Archives

Hello, everyone! It’s been a while since I posted an update here, so let me dust off the good ol’ blog, and reach out to you via the all-encompassing tentacles of the Internet. First, I hope that you are all doing well, or as well as can be expected in these uncertain times. I myself am lucky to have avoided the monster that is the C-virus so far, but I know that many were much less fortunate. My thoughts go to them.

Second, a brand new short story of mine, “Swimming with Mosasaurs”, was recently published in an anthology by JayHenge Publishing entitled The Chorochronos Archives. As its name suggests, it is a collection of time-traveling tales from nearly forty authors, including heavy-hitters such as Wendy Nikel or Stewart C. Baker. So what can I say about my own modest contribution? Well, ever since I saw and read (or read and saw?) Jurassic Park over two decades ago, I’ve been wanting to craft my own story featuring one, or two, or a dozen of the magnificent prehistoric beasts. “Swimming with Mosasaurs” is, therefore, as much for you, the readers, as for me (and my impressionable ten-year-old self).

The anthology is available on Amazon in both print and electronic form. Have a look at it here.

Till next time!


First publication of 2021

Hi there! I know I am a bit late to the party, but Happy New Year! I don’t know about you but I am going into this new annum with a bit more optimism, pandemics and other horrible wordly happenings notwithstanding! After all, all things, good and bad alike, must come to an end, and it’s about time for the tide to finally turn.

Anyway, enough with the philosophy. I am here to primary let you know that one of my latest stories, entitled “What We Had to Leave Behind”, has been published in the Page & Spine online literary journal. This is my first publication in this great venue and a first publication of the new year. Unlike the majority of my stories, this one’s speculative element (albeit an unusual and improbable) is pushed into the background and serves only as the source of the conflict between its two main protagonists. Have a look at “What We Had to Leave Behind” here and let me know what you think.

Stay safe and I’ll see you soon!


Another publication in XB-1

Hello, everyone! The Christmas is just around the corner and with it, the end of this horrible year – though I am not so sure about what we can expect from the next one. An alien invasion, maybe? The impact of a wandering asteroid? Or a nuclear catastrophe? In any case, I hope that you are all well and safe, out of reach of the current disasters.

In more positive (excuse the pun) news, the Czech speculative fiction magazine XB-1 published the second of the aforementioned short stories written in my native language in its December issue. The story is called “Jít štěstí naproti” [“Making Your Own Luck” in English] and you might be familiar with its early version published in Aphelion in 2018.

Furthermore, two works of mine (one novelette and one short story) made it all the way to the final of Daidalos 2020 literary contest, organized by XB-1, which means that they will likewise be published in the magazine sometime next year. More information on that to follow.

Till next time, stay safe and have a very merry Christmas!


“What Happened to the Patrons? published in SCI-FI #3: Lockdown Science Fiction anthology

Hi! I am not even going to bring up the C-word (we all know what the situation looks like worldwide, anyway), instead I’ll just skip right down to business. I am happy to announce that a flash fiction story of mine entitled “What Happened to the Patrons?” was published in the SCI-FI #3: Lockdown Science Fiction anthology, produced by Black Hare Press. The anthology is available on Amazon in both print and electronic form as well as via other eBook stores, including Apple, Kobo, or Vivlio.

Now, as you may be aware from my brief bio here on the website, I am a librarian by profession, and ever since I got back to writing three years ago, I’ve been meaning to produce something that would center around the most important of the information institutions. “What Happened to the Patrons?” does exactly that, though not in a way you might expect. You can read a brief synopsis below (graphics borrowed directly from the publisher):

I hope you’ll enjoy the read and as always, your comments are most welcome.


Férovej obchod [Fair Trade] published in XB-1

Hey there! It would appear that I kinda jinxed it in my last post, when I said that the COVID-19 pandemic seemed to have been coming to an end. Every day, numerous countries report record numbers of infections, restrictions are being put back in place, borders are closing down again… it’s a déjà vu and not the good kind. That’s not to say that coronavirus is the only problem the world is currently facing – on the contrary, the entire year of 2020 feels like several plots of apocalyptic and post-apocalyptic stories mashed together.

Speaking of stories: the first of the two short pieces that I wrote in/translated into Czech was published in the September issue of XB-1, the Czech magazine of Science Fiction, Fantasy and Horror. The story, entitled “Férovej obchod” [“Fair Trade” in English], sees its main protagonist, Ray M. Holler, up to his neck in trouble with some very unpleasant criminals, although this time around, it may not entirely be his own fault. The English version hasn’t been published anywhere, but I have plans for it – I’ll share them with you in due time.

In the meantime, enjoy a sneak peek of the story below and take care!

“Who are you?!”

My head snapped back as a fist the size of a bowling ball landed on my chin. It belonged to easily one of the largest human specimens I had ever had the pleasure of encountering. The guy was by my estimations at least two meters ten and a hundred sixty kilos of muscle and fat, and unfortunately for me, very proficient at punching stuff. I had a feeling that even if I weren’t currently tied to a pillar and could actually put my hands up, I’d still have ended up beaten like a schnitzel.

“Who do you work for?!”

Another question, another punch. This time he was aiming straight for my nose, so I tucked my chin a fraction of a second before the impact and let his knuckles connect with my forehead. It was a feeble gesture considering the entirety of my current predicament but the giant had already caused me so much pain that I just really wanted to return the favor, no matter how futile it seemed in the long run.

I expected him to yelp in agony–frontal bone of the skull is considerably harder than any of the bones in the hand and the wrist so you can do the math–but he didn’t so much as flinch. Instead, he laughed amusedly, grabbed me by the hair and gave me a good old open-palmed slap on the cheek. Ironically, this hurt more than any of the previous punches and I felt a tooth loosen. 

“Wait!” I grunted.

The guy let go of my hair and stepped back, but not too far, staying within reach of his meaty paws. He hadn’t done so because of my plea, of course, or of his own accord–as you could have probably guessed, he wasn’t exactly the one in charge. That particular role belonged to another individual in the room who was also the one supplying the questions.

Vebhod walked up to me, his face a mask of barely concealed rage. Next to my torturer he appeared grotesquely small, like a child or an oversized doll. Granted, he was a Liktonian, and they were generally smaller than humans but even for their standards, he was a bit on the shorter side. That, however, certainly hadn’t stopped him from pursuing his dreams and becoming an interstellar asshole. 

“Yes?” he gritted through his teeth and looked me straight in the eyes.

I looked away and spat the broken tooth along with some blood out onto the floor. 

“What is it that I am supposed to answer?” I said with a fake perplexed expression. “You are asking too many questions. I am confused.”


First publication in Bewildering Stories

Hello, everyone! The horrible epidemic seems to be slowly coming to an end (at least in my part of the world), the summer is just around the corner (again, in these latitudes and longitudes – sorry, Australians!), and I have another piece of news to share with you. My short story “What Used To Be Mom” was published in Bewildering Stories (issue 858), an online magazine of speculative fiction with a long tradition.

Coincidentally (I finished writing it a year ago), the story takes place in a contemporary world plagued by a sort of pandemic – one that is pretty much unlike anything anyone has ever seen and also one that is one hundred percent (un)deadly – I know how this must sound but it’s NOT about zombies! Have a look at it here and let me know what you think!

Till next time, stay safe!


Aliens, lonely AIs, and what else I have been up to

Hello, cyberspace wanderers! I hope that everyone is well and managing to stay one step ahead of the global pandemic. The current situation feels unreal, yet to me, as a science fiction author, there is something awfully familiar about it – and I bet that many of you perceive it the same way.

Anyway, it has been a while since I posted anything here so I figured that an update, albeit a brief one, was due. At the moment, I am working on two projects, one of which is a novelette featuring our good ol’ R. M. Holler (you may remember him from Making Your Own Luck and Reunion). As for upcoming publications, I have three short stories lined up to appear in print (or online) so far: the first one in June in Bewildering Stories; the rest later this year in XB-1, the Czech magazine of Science Fiction, Fantasy and Horror. You guessed right, I wrote those two stories in my native language which proved to be harder than I thought it would be, let me tell you, but more on that (sometime) later!

At the beginning of this month, a short story of mine entitled “Of Ships, Crews And Chance Encounters” appeared in Theme of Absence. This is my fifth publication in the venue. The piece features a somewhat sentient ship that is forced to confront the reality of suddenly losing her entire crew. The way she does just that might surprise you… but that’s all I will tell you about it. Read it, think about it, and let me know in the comments whether or not it was your cup of coffee. Btw. you can also take a look at an external review – many thanks to 9siduri for a thoughtful analysis!

Last week, my flash fiction “Malfunction” (published in AntipodeanSF in January 2019) was featured in one of the latest episodes of the AntipodeanSF Radio Show called Altdorfer. All props to the hosts – they did an amazing job narrating it!

Since this is slowly turning into a long-winded essay, I’ll stop here.

Take care of yourselves and I’ll see you soon(-ish)!