Publications [English]


Under the Cover of the Night (in Trembling With Fear, 03/04/2022)

Payback (in Theme of Absence, 9/2021)

Retribution (in Branching Out: International Tales of Brilliant Flash Fiction anthology, 2021) – available only in print (can be ordered from here)

What Happened To The Patrons? (in SCI-FI #3: Lockdown Science Fiction anthology, 31/10/2020) – also available from here

Dear Humans, Your Rent is Due (in AntipodeanSF, 1/2020)

Going With The Flow (in Four Star Stories, Short Short Story Issue 3, 10/2019)

Better Than A Shock Collar (in Theme of Absence, 9/2019)

What They Don’t Tell You About Time Travel (in Aphelion, 8/2019)

Coming Closer (in Asymmetry, 4/2019)

Malfunction (in AntipodeanSF, 1/2019 + in audio format in AntipodeanSF Radio Show, ep. Altdorfer)

The First Contact (in 101 Words, 27/10/2018)

Stranded (in AntipodeanSF, 8/2018 + in audio format in AntipodeanSF Radio Show, ep. Akirafujii)

You Love Watching Your Human Sleep (in, 21/01/2018)


An Alphabetical Pseudo-Guide to Post-Apocalyptic Earth (forthcoming in SCI-FI #8: Lockdown Science Fiction anthology, TBA)

Forty-Fourth Time’s the Charm (in New Myths, issue 56/57, 2021)

The Ant (in Schlock! Webzine, vol. 16, issue 19, 2021)

Sweet Deal (in Kzine, issue 30, 2021)

Swimming with Mosasaurs (in The Chorochronos Archives, 2021)

What We Had to Leave Behind (in Page & Spine, January 15, 2021)

What Used to Be Mom (in Bewildering Stories, issue 858, 6/2020)

Of Ships, Crews And Chance Encounters (in Theme of Absence, 4/2020)

Lost And Found (in The Weird And Whatnot: July 5, 2019)

Have You Ever Not Seen The Rain? (in Theme of Absence, 3/2019)

About The Aliens In My Apartment (in Aurora Wolf, vol. 10, issue 3, 2019)

Labyrinth (in Aphelion, 9/2018)

All Those Nostalgic Yesterdays (in Theme of Absence, 6/2018)

Making Your Own Luck (in Aphelion, 5/2018)

Worth Every Penny (in Theme of Absence, 3/2018)


The Other Mes (in Schlock! Webzine, vol. 16, issue 26, 2022)

Reunion (in Aphelion, 12/2018)