“Have You Ever Not Seen The Rain?” published in Theme of Absence

My short story “Have You Ever Not Seen The Rain?” was published in Theme of Absence a couple days ago (I am currently on vacation in Poland with a rather inconsistent internet access, hence why I am letting you know here only now). This marks my third publication in this venue. I got the idea for the piece one Sunday last autumn when the weather was particularly unpleasant; I was at home, looking at the constant downpour outside, and an unsettling question popped up in my mind: “What if it never stopped?” Of course, while the neverending rain and its implications for people’s lives is the strongest theme in the story, it isn’t the only one – but the rest you’ll need to find out yourselves. Have a read here and let me know what you think.



New publication in Aurora Wolf

I am happy to let you know that my short story “About The Aliens In My Apartment” was just published in the latest issue of Aurora Wolf: A Literary Journal of Science Fiction and Fantasy, edited by Michael C. Pennington. Unlike in case of my previous pieces I don’t think I have to hint at what this one is all about – I’ll just add that aside from aliens, it also features a cat. So those of you who are fond of our furry feline overlords might like to give this one a read. As always, any comments, suggestions, and reactions will be much appreciated.


A Quick Update (edit. 27/02)

Hello, everyone. It’s been a while since I last posted anything here, so I just wanted to quickly update you on how things are going. I am still dutifully writing, of course, currently working on a couple of things: another adventure of one Ray M. Holler (see Making Your Own Luck and Reunion), a time travel short story, and a flash fiction piece involving Earth, humans and aliens (I know that it’s rather vague but I can’t spoil too much because where would be the fun in that).

Four text have been accepted for publication so far this year. In the very near future, you will be able to read “About The Aliens In My Apartment” in Aurora Wolf , “Have You Ever Not Seen The Rain?” in Theme of Absence and “Coming Closer” in Asymmetry. Later this year, The Weird and Whatnot will publish “Lost And Found”.

And that’s all from me for now. Thanks for reading and see you around!


Another Publication in AntipodeanSF

I am excited to let you know that my flash fiction “Malfunction” has been published in the January issue of AntipodeanSF, an Australian speculative fiction magazine. This is my second publication in this venue (the first being “Stranded” last August). Anyway, “Malfunction” is a very short, swift piece (a little over 500 words) which features irresponsible aliens, dangerous cargo, and briefly – very briefly – also one of my most favorite things in the world of SF: dinosaurs. Enough talk, give the story a read and let me know what you though of it.

Have a good one!


My Novelette “Reunion” Published in Aphelion

I am happy to let you know that my novelette “Reunion” has been published in the December/January issue of Aphelion: The Webzine of Science Fiction and Fantasy. This is by far the longest work I’ve ever written, spanning across some 11,400 words. The funny thing is that it wasn’t even supposed to be this long (I’d planned for it to be a fast-paced action flick of about half the resulting length). It did remain fast-paced (I hope) but it also swelled with an additional scene or two (or three, four,…).

Anyway, enough rambling: The story centers on a duo of protagonists you know from one of my previous piece (Making Your Own Luck) who happen to run into each other on board of an old space station in the middle of nowhere. Although their encounter is not exactly pleasant, it pales in comparison with what awaits them afterwards when someone with whom they are both painfully familiar appears on the station. You can read the story here.

Let me know what you think!


New Publication in 101 Words

My drabble “The First Contact” has just been published in 101 Words. As the name suggests, it’s a take on the classic story about the first encounter between humans and an intelligent alien civilization – but with a twist! I have to admit that because of the extremely short format working on this piece was quite challenging (writing longer texts comes more naturally to me) but it was definitely an interesting experience. Let me know what you think of “The First Contact” below.

Have a great weekend!