August update!

Hi there! I am excited to let you know that this month alone, I scored not one, not two but three publications in a variety of different venues.

My short story “The Ant” was published in the August issue of a popular English webzine for science fiction, fantasy and horror by the title of Schlock! This particular piece represents my first attempt at the horror genre, and at the same time, serves to channel the extreme dislike I have for the titular insect species. You can read the story here, or grab a print/electronic copy of the entire issue on Amazon.

“Retribution”, a flash fiction of mere 300 words, was selected for Branching Out: International Tales of Brilliant Flash Fiction anthology published by Brilliant Flash Fiction. The anthology features a total of 67 nibble-sized stories written by authors from all corners of the world, and yours truly is the only representative from both Malta and the Czech Republic. Given the length of “Retribution”, I can’t tell you much about it without spoiling it, but let’s just say that it features some all-too-familiar themes set in a very probable future. The anthology is unfortunately available only in print, but you can order a copy directly on the publisher’s website.

Finally, one of the works – a short story entitled “Déšť” [“The Rain” in English] – that had made it to the final of Daidalos 2020 literary contest was published in the August issue of XB-1. This marks my third publication in the Czech magazine. You can find the English version of the story here, but if you want to give it a go in my native language, you can get a digital version of the issue on Alza.

And that’s about it from me for now. I hope that, wherever you are, you are well.

Till next time!


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